Artist Artemis Elena Showcased at Sexploratorium

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Sexploratorium is showcasing the work of local artist Artemis Elena on the walls this month. On Friday July 17th from 5-9pm, Artemis will be hosting a reception with additional affordable prints for sale, refreshments and live conversation.

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Read the Artist’s Interview on the Sexploratorium Blog

Sexploratorium’s Move & Future of Erotic Art in Philly

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This past summer, Sexploratorium moved, and officially closed Aphrodite Gallery. However, erotic fine art continues to be featured on the walls of the new Sexploratorium (2nd fl, 317 South St) seven days a week , and Passion 101 Classes continu e to expand educational programming in the new Community Room on the 3rd floor of that building.

New location at 317 South St. Photo by Zonk Arts

Occasional Posts for art shows/exhibits/ events will end up on this site, otherwise, please see the Sexploratorium Calendar for upcoming events.

The Photographical Art of SWAV JUSIS

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APHRODITE Gallery is proud to present, “The Photographical Art of Swav Jusis”, just in time for the LIBERTINE “Intergalactic Asylum” Ball weekend. Join us for the Opening Reception, this Saturday, July 21st, from 7-9pm the eve of the Ball at SEXPLORATORIUM (3rd floor), with special guest djs getting everyone in the groove for the Ball and body painting!

Swav Jusis was originally born in Gdansk Poland, where his family fled from communism to live in England and Vienna before finally settling in the United States. Swav concentrated a majority of his early photography which started in 1999 on documenting the clubs and people related to the alternative NYC nightlife scene. This included the underground vampire, gothic, steampunk, industrial and cyber lifestyles. He has had a number of exhibtions including two in NYC (2000 & 2005), has exhibited in Europe and has been carried by galleries in a United Kingdom.

Not only is this an Opening Reception, but Swav is debuting his NEW BOOK:
Gothic, Vampire and Alternative Female Beauty – The Art Photography of Swav Jusis 1998-2012

Gothic, Vampire and Alternative Female Beauty is an Art Photography Book that contains over 200 of the most striking images by renowned Art Photographer and breakthrough artist Swav Jusis, taken during the time period of 1998-2012. This 130 page book contains images of women photographed while he documented the clubs and people related to the alternative scene. This included the Underground Gothic, Vampire, Steampunk, Industrial, Cyber and Fetish lifestyles.

Swav Jusis’s exceptional ability to see the colors of the world in fresh, unexpected ways is epitomized in his “Life Saturated” collection, which is also included in the book. He has pushed the boundary of photography, combining it with color manipulation, to new and exciting limits allowing him to give a visual testimony in strikingly complex imagery. This book transcends his documentary work and explores the deeper side of color and contrast within individuals encountered upon that journey.

“This book contains no commentary about the individual images or stories behind the people. The book is created more to enthrall the viewer with the images, and not tell them what to think about them. The final results are sometimes arresting, exuberant or even mournful, but that should be for the viewer to determine.” Swav Jusis 2012

Expeditions with Lisolette Gilcrest MAY & JUNE 2012

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APHRODITE Gallery is proud to present EXPEDITIONS by award winning photographer Lisolette Gilcrest!

Lisolette is an American photographer and painter. Known primarily for her erotic digital photography, Gilcrest has also exhibited erotic digital and oil paintings and has begun to foray into mixed media. Although relatively new to the erotic art scene, Gilcrest has already been exhibited along with other notable artists, such as H.R. Giger, Bunny Yeager, Steve Diet Goedde and Eric Kroll.

Here’s a few images to whet your appetite!

Please Join Lisolette and your host Vanessa T. on Friday, May 25th, from 7pm – 10pm
All framed orgininals purchased during the reception will be 20% off. Signed unframed prints are $35

The Facade: Paintings by Kati Kill

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Aphrodite Gallery is proud to present The Facade…the glitterfically sexy art of Kati Kill!!  The months of March and April will be fabulously bright and brilliant with glitter and intense color! 

This local Diva has been hooping and dancing her sexy self all over the club scene in Philly for over a decade and has been painting just as long.

Kati Kill says of “The Facade”…it’s all about radiant colors and gritty textures.  The light dancing off the human form is how I interpret my backdrop to the world around me. The ‘Facade’ of the human form has always been evident in my work for the past 12 years. It all started with myself looking in the mirror everyday and wanting to change what I see. I started young with make-up and experimenting then it found its way to my hands through my brushes, charcoals, plaster, and other materials. What I wanted was to interpret the things of beauty that I saw on a daily basis into creations that captured moments in time. The mystery of hindering the performance and having no connection with the person in the painting but the remnants of stopped motion. Many of my works are on the more erotic edge because of the way, in which, I perceive the world…  That moment in time is more sensatory then the full blown act.

Please Join Kati Kill and your fantastical host Eric ZONK on Friday, March 23rd, from 7pm – 9pm for a fabulously glamorous and oh-so-sexy reception!  See you there guys and dolls!

What Turns Me On… by Adam Rosenberg

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To open the new year, Aphrodite Gallery presents a series of sensual, seductive and sexy oil paintings by Philly native Adam Rosenberg in January and February.  Adam Holden Rosenberg is a young Philadelphia based artist born in 1981 with a Russian and German heritage.  Adam concentrates on painting the human figure in oil, more specifically dynamic portraits.  He has exhibited his works at galleries in Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Paris France.  His paintings can be found in numerous private collections as well as a nationwide traveling show entitled “Puppies are Biodegradable.”

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When interviewed, Adam had this to say for himself and his work:

What is it about the human form that inspires you the most to paint?  I find it amazing that almost any emotion can be expressed by the human figure alone. Once I began to focus on individual body parts, I found the same was true there.  It’s fun to play with that and see what kind of stories can be told. When asked about his romantic endeavours, he says he is single, but dating (a beautiful poetess) and that of course they inspire him!  

Do you solely paint female nudes?  And why not men?  LOL!!!  I don’t necessarily only paint females, female nudes, or solely erotica;  I painted this series with one question in mind, “what turns me on?”  

What is your ideal female body type to paint?  There is no ideal female body type to paint, I honestly find all different shapes, sizes and colors to be fantastic!  What’s your favorite hair color on the ladies?  I don’t have one.  Depending on the woman and her personality, each color could work very well. 

What are you working on outside of this erotic series?  I’m moving my focus to something a bit more serious. This year plan on painting wounded veterans;  I feel like shining a light on what man does against man.

 Do you work in other mediums, other than oil?  I draw in charcoal a lot, I used to sculpt in clay and cast in bronze. I love water colors, pastels, you name it!

Artist Statement

“I am a story teller, and my art enables an individual’s story to be told when words fail.  I paint because it is a compulsion.  It enables me to vocalize the beauty I see in the human figure, show the horrors of life, inform, warn, and at times entertain. My paintings are confrontational yet playful.  Over the years painting has become my form of prayer, it is my meditation.  My use of color is bold, and my palette varies from artwork to artwork.  The marks I make at times appear spontaneous, but are applied deliberately.  I choose to paint intensely focused observations of the human figure in order to cull visceral reactions from the viewer.  I play on the base emotions of humanity in order to speak to as wide an audience as possible, and to rebel against elitist motivations.  It is my goal to make fine art that is accessible by people of all classes, races, educational backgrounds, and professions.  Every portrait I paint is not only of the subject, it is also a glimpse into my own psyche.  My own personal story can be seen through each individual’s portrait I paint.  When people view my paintings I want them to enter into the work with their own perspectives and leave taking with them something new that resonates personally for them.  It is my goal to entrance the viewer in the same way that a good story teller captures their audience’s attention for hours. “– AHR

Adam recently moved to Pittsburgh and may have abandoned the Eagles, Flyers, Phillies and 76ers,  but he’ll be back for his closing reception on Friday, February 24th, from 7-9pm…

Fantasy Living: Furniture, Footwear & More!

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APHRODITE Gallery is proud to bring you the extraordinary work, in wood, by artist Hugh Meade of Oklahoma City, OK.  His work speaks volumes of the mastery of his craft and vision.

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Words from the artist:

The center piece of this show is a piece entitled “Swallowtail” and was created for an annual erotic art show in Oklahoma City called “Biting the Apple” in 2009.  It received “Best in Show” award.  “Swallowtail” was designed for the exploration of bondage/domination sexual fantasies.  In a typical application, the “submissive” participant is seated in the chair, while the the “dominant” observes and engages in the chosen fantasy interplay.

The “submissive” may face forward in the traditional way, or the chair may be “straddled” facing the back of the chair.  In either case, the chair is designed to hold the legs of the seated person significantly apart, while the split seat and open structure of the chair allow full access to the genitals.  It is important to note that the chair does not easily allow actual sexual intercourse. And this is not the purpose of most bondage and domination fantasies.  Far more significant is the awareness of the interplay and exchange of “power” between the participants.

The design of the chair insures that the person sitting on it, facing forwards or backwards, must “present” themselves in poses which, while not very comfortable, accentuate the feeling of being displayed.  Comfort, of course, is not the purpose of this piece.  The pedestal base is a permanent part of the chair structure, enhancing the sensation of exhibition. The elaborate construction of the chair features a repeating element of wings, as well as a variety of holes and “handholds” for purposes of bondage play.

Being tied up to someone’s kitchen chair is perhaps an economical and workable choice. Yet it lacks the ritual element and carefully designed options for the most satisfying experience. Consider the comparison between driving the most economical automobile available, and a high end sports car. Each will bring you to your destination, but one of them will make the ride a lot more memorable.

Also included in this exhibit are 3 pairs of high heel shoes (one created especially for this show – “the red queen”, and two existing pieces -“fauna” and “flora”.  Fauna and Flora were exhibited in july 2010 at Bambi Gallery’s second Biennial).  2 “orgone accumulators” (wood and metal “jewelry boxes” designed to hold sex toys, referencing the work of pioneering psychotherapist Wilhelm Reich)  And lastly, several hand made wooden “spankers or impression paddles” in the show each unique in design and intended to leave a particular pattern on the skin of the person being spanked. for instance, hot rod flames, or bubbles.

Join Hugh Meade for an opening reception this Friday, 11.11.11!  IF you need a reason to be out on 11.11.11 THIS IS IT!  The reception starts at 7pm and wraps up before we close up at SEXPLORATORIUM, by 10PM…  Located on the 3rd floor of SEXPLORATORIUM at 620 South 5th Street!  See ya there!

Erotica In Wood by Rob Liptak

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APHRODITE Gallery is proud to present work by artist and wood craftsman Rob Liptak.  Erotica In Wood features well over 50 pieces of art in the style of Intarsia, Carvings, Woodburnings, etc…  Here are just a few interesting samples to whet your appetite!

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Here’s what Mr. Liptak says about his work:

My artistic expression began when a wood carving class drew my interest thirty years ago and it evolved into a career.   Carving bobbins and spools into Santa for Christmas shows has been rewarding, but when I started attending Science-Fiction/Fantasy shows, I realized I could expand my art into sexual/risqué themes without the threat of censorship.  A commission request to create a quarter-scale model of a classic bondage pose (Ball Tie) from an attendee at Marcon—an Ohio Sci/Fi Convention—introduced me to the Fetish community, expanding my erotic art even further.  Shows such as Anything For Love, Fetishcon, Frolicon, Shibaricon, Dirty Detroit have become part of the journey into self-awareness as well as an expansive form of my art expression.  Where did it begin?  My background is emergency medical and microbiology.  I believe my interest in the fetish art style has existed since childhood.  My two television idols were Julie Newmar as Catwoman and Carolyn Jones as Morticia Addams.  Both wore slick, black, tight outfits, carried whips and were socially accepted, respected and admired.  My work is highly detailed.  I love pretty knots.  Shibari ties incorporate the details of interest and the use of the human body as canvas—it is beautiful.  Unfortunately, the image lasts only the length of the scene.  Wood is lasting and translates images well, especially in the intarsia style.  Basswood is a wonderful flesh tone.  White oak can mimic the finest hand-made hemp.  Some woods, sanded smoothly and deftly painted, can give the look of leather or latex.  I appreciate the opportunity to exhibit at Aphrodite Gallery and much thanks to Kali Morgan and Eric Zonk.

Join us for our Artist Reception on 4th Friday of September (Friday, September 23rd) from 7 – 9pm, at SEXPLORATORIUM on the 3rd Floor!  Meet Rob Liptak and come talk sexy fetish art with Eric ZONK!  And enjoy some sips and nibbles, and maybe a paddlin’ or two! 

The PHOTO Erotic Show at APHRODITE Gallery

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APHRODITE GALLERY presents:  THE PHOTO EROTIC a group photography show of 11 deliciously talented and naughty artists with a knack for capturing all things SEXY, EROTIC and FINE! 

The roster of photographers include:  Gary Deal, David Swift, Amber Kirylak, J. Isobel De Lisle, Robert Neroni, Joe Beaulieu, Christopher Sonzogni, Lisolette Gilcrest, Jimmy Lin, and Andrew Kist.

Meet the artists for an opening reception you won’t want to miss, Friday July 22nd, from 7-9pm in the Aphrodite Gallery and view works of art for sale throughout the entire SEXPLORATORIUM building!


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ART @ PASSIONAL Boutique is proud to present:  SISTERS of ABRAXAS by photographer Christopher Sonzogni

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Here’s what Mr. Sonzogni has to say about his work:

This series of work was inspired by my fascination with the much hidden meaning of ABRAXAS – a mystic word/symbol representing perfect balance in the universe.  A balance that can only exist beyond the false dichotomies of good/evil, right/wrong, pleasure/pain, etc.  The Master&Slave theme of  this series is meant to express the joys of dominance and submission, and how neither one can exist without the other, but when combined, produce natural order.  Aesthetically, these photos are intended to have a rather authoritarian feel to them.  Featuring: heel worship, restraint, discipline and Germanic occult symbolism.  The Sisters of Abraxas are models, Marowit Adalinda Volkh and Marion Elizabeth Smoot.

As a photographer and dealing in eroticism, I seek to capture what I like to term as “the inner witch” in my subjects.  By “witch” I mean seductress or one who has the power to make you look.  My interest in erotic photography began with my love for glamorous looking women.  I have always preferred scantily dressed ladies over mere naked ones.  That is not to say I’m unable to see the beauty in a nude woman.  However, I find there to be a sense of magic in seeing a girl walk into a room wearing a mini skirt and high heels, with scarlet red lips.  If the straps of a garter belt are revealed, all the better I say!

I’m a self-taught free lance photographer residing in West Chester, Pennsylvania.  Although, I much enjoy eroticism, my creative energies are certainly not limited to just that.  I also relish in photographing a lot of still life, nature, animals and just basically whatever happens to grab my attention at a given time.  My work more than often does tend to lean towards the dark and macabre.  I have always had a fixation with… things the majority would prefer not to see, hear or talk about.  It is the most taboo of things in life that deserve my attention most I feel, as I have found there is usually much truth and wisdom in those shadowy corners of reality that frighten most.  My inspirations for themes may range from: the occult, mythology, war, horror films, books I read and more.  My ultimate goal at this point is to build a name for myself as a visual artist and to eventually gain a following of like-minded fans.

JOIN US for the Opening Reception on 4th Friday of June (June 24th) from 7pm – 9pm!  Meet the photographer and maybe even the Divas that are The Sisters of Abraxas!