Interested in Exhibiting? FAQ’s

Aphrodite Gallery & PASSIONAL Exhibiting Artists FAQ

  1. Promotional Material- as soon as you book your show, please send promotional materials including .jpg photographs of your work (at least one at high resolution for your show poster) a bio and a description of your show. We will immediately post this information to our “upcoming exhibits” page when you provide it, and will re-post it at the beginning of your exhibit along with your reception info. All of this should be sent to curator Eric Zonk at Your listing on is permanent, and any visitors to our site can learn about your exhibit by browsing the the year of your exhibit. We appreciate reciprocal permanent links/listings on your artists’ website.
    Aphrodite Gallery will create and print promotional posters for your show and reception. If you would like to use this art to create flyers or additional promotional information, please contact us.
  2. Pricing and inventory- as an exhibiting artist, you need to provide a wholesale price (what the gallery pays you for each piece sold) keeping in mind that the retail price is double the wholesale (in other words, we will try to sell a $50 print for $100 if you do not distinguish, and that may impede sales). Also provide a clear list of pieces delivered, as we assume responsibility for items while they are on display or in storage at the Gallery.
  3. Frames and mattes. Unframed matted work will be hung with binder clips. Aphrodite Gallery is not responsible of these clips damage the mattes. Hanging-wire on frames should be as close to the top of the frame as possible (without revealing the wire) so that the frames will hang straight when hung using our chain system.
  4. Installation is handled by Veronica Bound. Please email her directly at or call her at 610-805-3741and let her know when you plan to bring your art to the gallery (during the last week of the month prior to your exhibit) and if you wish to participate in installing your exhibit. Arrange a pick-up date with Veronic when hen you arrange for installation
  5. Artists’ Reception- we expect our artists to attend the artist’s reception the fourth Friday after your show opens from 6:30-9PM. We encourage you to email announcements to your friends and customers and ask them to attend to help talk up your work (even if they don’t plan to buy). Aphrodite Gallery provides a draped table with light refreshments for guests to enjoy. If you would like to sign prints or posters on site during that time, we encourage you to do so- bring a sharpie!.
  6. Guest Book- Aphrodite Gallery provides a guest book for guests to enter their email contact information. At the end of your show (providing there are guests that have signed in) we share those emails with you so that you may add those contacts to your address book.
  7. Art pick-up. At the end of your show, pick up your art as you have previously arranged with Veronica (see item #4). We are nor responsible for the safety and storage of art left at the gallery for more than 15 days after the arranged pick-up date. If you need to make alternate arrangements, call Veronica and let her know and she will notify the store.

2 Responses to “Interested in Exhibiting? FAQ’s”

  1. I am interested in showing my art with you.

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