What Turns Me On… by Adam Rosenberg

To open the new year, Aphrodite Gallery presents a series of sensual, seductive and sexy oil paintings by Philly native Adam Rosenberg in January and February.  Adam Holden Rosenberg is a young Philadelphia based artist born in 1981 with a Russian and German heritage.  Adam concentrates on painting the human figure in oil, more specifically dynamic portraits.  He has exhibited his works at galleries in Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Paris France.  His paintings can be found in numerous private collections as well as a nationwide traveling show entitled “Puppies are Biodegradable.”

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When interviewed, Adam had this to say for himself and his work:

What is it about the human form that inspires you the most to paint?  I find it amazing that almost any emotion can be expressed by the human figure alone. Once I began to focus on individual body parts, I found the same was true there.  It’s fun to play with that and see what kind of stories can be told. When asked about his romantic endeavours, he says he is single, but dating (a beautiful poetess) and that of course they inspire him!  

Do you solely paint female nudes?  And why not men?  LOL!!!  I don’t necessarily only paint females, female nudes, or solely erotica;  I painted this series with one question in mind, “what turns me on?”  

What is your ideal female body type to paint?  There is no ideal female body type to paint, I honestly find all different shapes, sizes and colors to be fantastic!  What’s your favorite hair color on the ladies?  I don’t have one.  Depending on the woman and her personality, each color could work very well. 

What are you working on outside of this erotic series?  I’m moving my focus to something a bit more serious. This year plan on painting wounded veterans;  I feel like shining a light on what man does against man.

 Do you work in other mediums, other than oil?  I draw in charcoal a lot, I used to sculpt in clay and cast in bronze. I love water colors, pastels, you name it!

Artist Statement

“I am a story teller, and my art enables an individual’s story to be told when words fail.  I paint because it is a compulsion.  It enables me to vocalize the beauty I see in the human figure, show the horrors of life, inform, warn, and at times entertain. My paintings are confrontational yet playful.  Over the years painting has become my form of prayer, it is my meditation.  My use of color is bold, and my palette varies from artwork to artwork.  The marks I make at times appear spontaneous, but are applied deliberately.  I choose to paint intensely focused observations of the human figure in order to cull visceral reactions from the viewer.  I play on the base emotions of humanity in order to speak to as wide an audience as possible, and to rebel against elitist motivations.  It is my goal to make fine art that is accessible by people of all classes, races, educational backgrounds, and professions.  Every portrait I paint is not only of the subject, it is also a glimpse into my own psyche.  My own personal story can be seen through each individual’s portrait I paint.  When people view my paintings I want them to enter into the work with their own perspectives and leave taking with them something new that resonates personally for them.  It is my goal to entrance the viewer in the same way that a good story teller captures their audience’s attention for hours. “– AHR

Adam recently moved to Pittsburgh and may have abandoned the Eagles, Flyers, Phillies and 76ers,  but he’ll be back for his closing reception on Friday, February 24th, from 7-9pm…

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