Erotica In Wood by Rob Liptak

APHRODITE Gallery is proud to present work by artist and wood craftsman Rob Liptak.  Erotica In Wood features well over 50 pieces of art in the style of Intarsia, Carvings, Woodburnings, etc…  Here are just a few interesting samples to whet your appetite!

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Here’s what Mr. Liptak says about his work:

My artistic expression began when a wood carving class drew my interest thirty years ago and it evolved into a career.   Carving bobbins and spools into Santa for Christmas shows has been rewarding, but when I started attending Science-Fiction/Fantasy shows, I realized I could expand my art into sexual/risqué themes without the threat of censorship.  A commission request to create a quarter-scale model of a classic bondage pose (Ball Tie) from an attendee at Marcon—an Ohio Sci/Fi Convention—introduced me to the Fetish community, expanding my erotic art even further.  Shows such as Anything For Love, Fetishcon, Frolicon, Shibaricon, Dirty Detroit have become part of the journey into self-awareness as well as an expansive form of my art expression.  Where did it begin?  My background is emergency medical and microbiology.  I believe my interest in the fetish art style has existed since childhood.  My two television idols were Julie Newmar as Catwoman and Carolyn Jones as Morticia Addams.  Both wore slick, black, tight outfits, carried whips and were socially accepted, respected and admired.  My work is highly detailed.  I love pretty knots.  Shibari ties incorporate the details of interest and the use of the human body as canvas—it is beautiful.  Unfortunately, the image lasts only the length of the scene.  Wood is lasting and translates images well, especially in the intarsia style.  Basswood is a wonderful flesh tone.  White oak can mimic the finest hand-made hemp.  Some woods, sanded smoothly and deftly painted, can give the look of leather or latex.  I appreciate the opportunity to exhibit at Aphrodite Gallery and much thanks to Kali Morgan and Eric Zonk.

Join us for our Artist Reception on 4th Friday of September (Friday, September 23rd) from 7 – 9pm, at SEXPLORATORIUM on the 3rd Floor!  Meet Rob Liptak and come talk sexy fetish art with Eric ZONK!  And enjoy some sips and nibbles, and maybe a paddlin’ or two! 

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