Things you can provide as soon as you have been booked for a show, at APHRODITE Gallery or ART @ PASSIONAL Boutique:

1)  Biographical Statement, Resume and Artist’s Statement/Vision (this is different from your BIO, this is where you talk about the series of work you are showing in the gallery, as for many of you this may completely differ from your bread and butter work…)  IF you’re not a great writer or have difficulty writing about yourself, below is a sample “interview” or questions for you to use as a template or guide or alternative to a BIO…please keep it fresh and don’t hold back…  People like to hear about the process artist use in their work and what inspires/motivates them to make art!


What inspires you sexually/erotically?  Artistically?  How does this inspiration manifest itself in your work?  How are sex and art related?  How do YOU define Erotic Art?  What are the most prominent erotic elements in your artwork?  What are the erotic messages or inspirations in your current work?


Why do you create this piece?  Who or What is fearture in this work?  Would you describe this piece as crusing, initial contact, foreplay, heated passion, climax, afterglow, etc…?  Why?

You can get really creative with this process and IF you have mad skills at writing you could put it in the form of prose poetry…making this just as creative as your work.  In the past I’ve done shows where I didn’t use title plaques, but found amazing quotes that fit each piece in the show and allowed the viewer/potential buyer to experience my art in a new way!

2)  IMAGES (JPEGS, the higher res the better, but not TOO LARGE, anything at 1MB or 2MB is just fine for web/blog promo and features)…  We have been featuring slideshows on the blog (check out the blog IF you have not done so).  IF you can provide 8 – 12 images that would make for a nice slideshow…

3)  INVOICE/INVENTORY (MOST IMPORTANT!!!)  Please provide us with an invoice or inventory of ALL works of art, no matter how big or small, so that we can get them into our Point of Sale (POS) system…we have had problems with this, seriously, in the past and we wanna make sure we are receiving your art properly and returning it properly.  OUR MARK UP IS %200 (but may change, but for now, keep that in mind…on your invoice, please provide us with your asking price, or wholesale…and we will do the markup when receiving and entering your work into POS) So IF you’re asking $50 for a piece of art, we will price it at $100 (this gives us room to negotiate with potential buyers, or offer discounts, that comes out of our cut of the sale, it does NOT come out of your asking price)

NOTE:  Please give serious consideration to the pricing of your work…  We don’t want you to undermine your work or its value, BUT!  The market for art is rough (at least here in Philly) and we wanna SELL your work, not just show it…  As I said before, our markup gives us room to negotiate AND DOES NOT COME OUT OF YOUR ASKING PRICE!

4)  WORKS OF ART FOR SALE:  Please keep in mind when readying your show to include a variety of price points, from $10, $20  (for impulse buys, like magnets, buttons, coffee mugs, calendars, pins, t-shirts, jewelry, etc…)  to $50 – 500 (whatever it may be) for prints or original works…

5)  HANGING YOUR WORK (Time and Dates):  Please keep in contact as far as Hang Date and Take Down Date…Veronica is the curatorial Diva (and I cc her on all communications re: hanging and take down) and works with you all to hang your show and make it look its best.

6)  FRAMING and FINISHING: It is really important to Frame and Finish your work…  Most genres, styles, mediums need to be framed, BUT!  Clearly IF you’re doing sculpture that is not the case…  BUT ALL FLAT (2-D) works of art NEED TO HAVE A FINISHED/POLISHED LOOK!  IF you can’t afford frames, GET CREATIVE!  IKEA has affordable and cheap frames, Dollar Stores do too, get creative and give your art the finishing touch it deserves…  IF your work is graphic or industrial in nature, HOME DEPOT should be your best friend!

PAINTERS: Working on canvas stretched over stretcher bars (usually one half of an inch) don’t forget to either finish painting around the edges, or paint on GALLERY WRAP canvas (usually an inch or more in height)…this is a great way to avoid framing costs, just remember to finish painting around the edges, it can be a simple, yet sophisticated look to a finished piece of art)  Additionally, don’t hesitate to CUT THE CANVAS off of stretcher bars and frame it under glass or plexi with matting or spacer bars (so as to ensure the painting doesn’t stick to the glass)…  Please make sure you’re using either saw-tooth hangers (centered) at the top of the frame or hook and wire across the back!
PHOTOGRAPHERS: You can always do giclee prints (digital prints to canvas) to gallery wrap stretcher bars, or find creative ways to present your work, metal frames tend to be cheaper than wood, FYI…  Consider Chinese/Japanese scroll-like ways to eliminate costs of frames…
SCULPTORS: Keep in mind floor space, and when doing works of art that hang on the wall that they have either saw tooth hangers, centered on the backside or hooks and wire across the back…  Also, IF you have smaller sculptural pieces we do have glass cases from IKEA to show your work in…  For larger pieces, please try to provide your own pedestals, or other display fixtures!

ALL ARTISTS:  In addition to hung original works of art, you can provide (for sale) digital prints in plastic to sell as an affordable options to more expensive larger works of framed art!

7)  ARTIST CONTRACTS/AGREEMENTS:  We are currently revising the artist contract, basically trying to eliminate the legal-ese mumbo jumbo and keep it short and sweet and concise, with a checklist, for you to use as a gauge of your own progress in preparing for your show!

8)  PROMOTIONAL Materials:  Currently at Aphrodite Gallery (due to budget) we are doing a print run of 50 8.5 x 11 posters, IF you wish to produce your own promo material, such as flyers, posters, etc…please forward along a draft so that we can have a look at it and make sure all of the pertinent information is there re: address/location of Gallery, show dates, reception dates, etc…  We additionally do web promo on our websites/blog,,, facebook pages,, etc…

LASTLY:  Some of you might be wondering why I’ve gone to the lengths to type all of this up…TRUTH IS:  I owned and operated my own art gallery for 3 years and once in awhile you find an artist that just has it all together, but most times, artists forget the details outside of their craft…especially re: BIOS, FRAMING, PRICING, ETC…  So I’ve tried to take the time out for your benefit and help you along in the process of making your show spectacular!  PLEASE DO NOT HESITATE TO CONTACT ME WITH MORE QUESTIONS!  I’m here to help you along in the process…  Additionally I worked as a art framer and know how to put the final touches on works of art of all stripes, sizes and colors…so hit me up with ideas!  AND REMEMBER!  Keep your show SEXY and SIMPLE!  IF you wanna take it over the top and do some painting or installation type work, LET ME KNOW NOW, so we can work together to bring to manifestation your VISION!

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  1. Viktoria Says:

    Could you give me a contact email adress of your gallery?
    I would like to send you an email with PDF-file, it contains works of the contamporary artist Nikitoss.

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