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MEN IN PEARLS by Roni Cibischino

Posted in 2010 Artists on September 22, 2010 by Kali Morgan

For September and October 2010 Aphrodite Gallery is proud to present MEN IN PEARLS:  A Photographic Journey by Roni Cibischino…

IF YOU MISSED THE OPENING RECEPTION, PLEASE JOIN US FOR THE CLOSING RECEPTION:  Friday, October 22nd, from 7pm – 9pm, at Aphrodite Gallery!  620 South 5th Street (between South and Bainbridge Streets on 5th)

Roni Cibischino received her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Central Florida.  She completed her Master’s degree in Human Sexuality from Widener University, and just recently finished a post-Master’s certificate in Forensic Psychology from the Richard Stockton College of New Jersey.  My vision as an artist is from a purely organic point of view.  I see things as they happen and evolve, and try to capture the true essence and beauty of it on film.  For me, sexuality as a whole is constantly pushing barriers and creating new and exciting ideas and ways of seeing things.  Gender is one of the complexities of sexuality that I love.  There is not a singular definition for it, just as art is subjective, so is gender, and has a unique meaning to the viewer and the inhabitant.

Join artist Roni  Cibischino in person and save 10% off any Sexploratorium or PASSIONAL product purchased when you buy during the Closing Reception for MEN IN PEARLS.  Friday, October 22, from 7-9PM!!!

Kinky Pin-Ups in JUNE 2010

Posted in 2010 Artists on May 10, 2010 by curatrix

Ed Mironiuk is our featured artist at APHRODITE GALLERY for the month of JUNE 2010…

Ed Mironiuk entered our world on Dec 11th, 1969 in Buffalo, NY.  His singular and strange nature quickly convinced his parents that one child would be enough, as they never had another.  He began drawing as soon as his tender fingers could grip a pencil and put it to paper.  Edgar Rice Burroughs, Frazetta, sci fi and comics consumed his time and encouraged his fetid imagination.  By the age of 12 he discovered Alberto Vargas through an inherited collection of musty Playboys, perhaps the only pre-pubescent to truly appreciate pornography on an esoteric level.  This early admiration of the female form would serve as the foundation of his later works of art.  While normal kids were drawing hotrods and wondering how to get into the girl next door’s pants, Ed was memorializing what was actually in the girl next door’s pants through detailed illustrations.  After a decent run in high school, Ed hightailed it out of Central New York and went straight to his muse – NYC’s East Village.  He drank his way through 4 years at Parson’s School of Design and managed to come away with a BFA, despite his predilection for tequila.

While Ed toiled away on animation jobs, he fed his head a steady diet of black metal, Russ Meyer films, HP Lovecraft, latex fashion, ink and piercings of all natures and the absolute vilest sectors of Japanese deviancies.  These subcultures stewed in his brain and eventually merged with his love of pinups, forming the basis of his unique brand of art; a hybrid of pop trash and fetish culture kissed by Dr. Moreau himself.  In 1993 he was anointed reigning illustrator for Tattoo Magazine, a role he still kicks ass at.  It was during this time that Ed met Kristin Tercek, the only woman who could kick the tequila bottle out of his hand so he could use it to craft his art.  They quickly married and started Cha-Pow!, an animation ink and paint company that is still thriving and well known for its work on MTV, Nickelodeon, and Saturday Night Live.  Since then, they’ve expanded their empire into custom made dolls and Ed’s illustration work has been featured in everything from The LA Times to Equus Eroticus and used for bands as diverse as The Genitorturers and SPiT LiKE THiS.  Ed throws all this work into the world from his cocoon in the boondocks of Jersey, where he lives with his loving wife and chihuahuas.

Be sure to join us for his Artist Reception on Friday, June 23rd from 7pm to 9pm hosted by the fabulous Veronica Bound with sips and nibbles to munch on!

Meta-cosmic Sex Death: Paintings byRen Clark

Posted in 2010 Artists on April 6, 2010 by Kali Morgan

Ren Clark has a visual arts background in photography, graffiti, graphic design, animation and sculpture. He resonates with Alter Modernism, Surrealism,and Ultraculture.

Just one of the surrealistic, sexy delights in this month's collection of works by Ren Clark

He is also an international tantric journeyman born in Leicester in the East Midlands of a congested little island called England (but now proudly calling Philadelphia home), makes trans-media art that maps the gnarly junction and disjunctive spectrum of being and becoming.

Experience informing the textures that flesh the weird geometries of his rhythmic life.  Rupture.  Rapture.  Penetration.  Ejaculation.  Every object a frozen mutagen orgasm, private arts indecently exposed.  Future pixels in a perverse process of depiction, abstraction, extraction, and perception.  Equal parts alchemy, history, and science fiction; porn posing as post-apocalyptic corporate art.  Smuggling infectious libidinal semiotics in prismatic refraction through atomized desire.  Contents, context, and concepts: accelerated, exploded, magnified, layered, and blended in trans-cultural alter-modern pre-Singularity mash-up delirium.  Soft pink invitations to ultraviolet birth trauma initiation.  Manufactured memories, temporal flux, pre-existing elements, an ecstasy of influence in exodus, all altered by the uncontrolled intensities of the META COSMIC SEX DEATH.

Enjoy snacks and drinks with the artist during our reception, 7-9PM Friday April 23

Forbidden Fruit by Lady Laura Aceto

Posted in 2010 Artists, Uncategorized on March 10, 2010 by Kali Morgan

“Lady Laura” Aceto, also known as AuntArtica on is a self-taught artist, coming from several generations of creative women with remarkable natural talent (though not sure Grandma or Mom would approve of her subject choices!).

One of my artistic goals is to create subtly kinky paintings that bdsm folks can display in their homes without having to worry about hiding them from the family. I have fun incorporating fetish/bdsm items into off-beat still life paintings—colorful corsets, high heels, garters & stockings, leather collars, nipple clamps —coupled with more traditional fruits, vegetables and flowers, as with my knife & apple arrangement, and the corset & tomatoes.”

“Since childhood, I have expressed myself with drawings and paintings of my world as I see it, or as I want it to be.  My first foray into erotic art was privately sketching women in bondage at the age of 11 (inspired by Medieval paintings of town square public punishments)!

“My style is representational of subjects both real and fancied.  I find much inspiration from my bdsm lifestyle, of which I have been a part since the mid-90’s.  I observe fellow kinksters, store away mental images of scenes, and recreate them on  canvas at home.  I adore the female figure in all its glorious variations, and enjoy the theme of female supremacy. ”

“My papercollage works are primarily of anime Dommes, strong and somewhat threatening.  I also work with paper mache and found objects to create composite 3-D wall hangings, again female in nature.  My one-of-a-kind wooden paddles are hand-cut, shaped and painted, each one a piece of “functional art” for play and/or display.”

“I have a gift for creating pictures as they are described to me in words, serving as a sort of “visual interpreter” for artistically-challenged people who have vivid imaginations.  As such, I have done a number of commissioned portraits of people and the things they love (be they other people, pets, homes, professions, interests or fantasies), rendered with pencil, pen & ink and/or acrylic paint.  Some of my illustrations have been published in the TES magazine, “Prometheus”, and I have been a sketch artist at private bdsm events, doing pencil portraits of party-goers in their favorite fetish garb.”

February 2010: Luscious

Posted in 2010 Artists on February 10, 2010 by Kali Morgan

Special Valentine’s Day Reception Sunday February 14, 7-9PM

Don't miss the Luscious exhibit of multi-media photographs.


Posted in 2010 Artists on January 11, 2010 by curatrix

January 1st -29th

Everyone has fetishes of one nature or another.  These fetishes can be simply visual stimulation or physical acts desired.

With Indulgences I have attempted to capture the entirety of wishes.  Light and shadow play off the human form to give drama, depth and dimension to the images presented in Indulgences.