Interviews with exhibiting artists

PASSIONAL Magazine asked Virago (MC) about her current 
exhibit of glass art and sex toys at APHRODITE GALLERY
PM: What inspires you sexually? Artistically? How you manifest your inspiration with  your work? 
MC: Both sexually and artistically I'm inspired by the deconstruction of limitations and walls that are put on us by society, environments, circumstances or even our selves. I am not concerned so much with the unconventional as much as the honest. My work frequently deals with these issues. I juxtapose references to the body, tools and structures to discuss this.           

PM:How are sex and art related?
MC: Sex is an art. 
PM: How does the work you do know compare with the work you did five years ago? Where do you see your work taking you in five years? 
MC: Five years ago I was working mostly in two-dimensional mediums and making lots of music. I had just discovered glass and was instantly in love, it was my introduction to the three-dimensional worlds of craft and sculpture. I have spent the past five years becoming familiar with working glass in every possible process. Currently, I am trying to improve my functional glass work through practice and technique. Recently I have used two-dimensional techniques such as photo transfers on my sculptures and there is a merging of the techniques I've been studying. In five years I hope to be learning, teaching and showing my work.
 PM: How do you define erotic art?  
MC: I think art can be erotic but erotic art is an intentional choice by the artist to create a certain response in the viewer.
 PM: What are the most prominent erotic elements in your art? 
MC: I frequently use sensual elements in my work whether through gesture 
and expression or texture.  
PM: What are the erotic messages in your current collection? 
MC: My work frequently discusses limitations and boundaries and the constant 
questioning of them, the potential for erotic interpretation is always there.

Virago's current collection, Erotic Glass Mandala is on display  at Aphrodite Gallery
now through May 30. for more information, see

Mina Smith Segal

PASSIONAL Magazine grabbed busy watercolor woman Mina Smith-Segal for a chat about her 2007 exhibit. Reprinted here.

PM:What inspires you sexually? Artistically? How does this inspiration manifest itself in your work? MSS: My boyfriend’s belief in me as a partner and an artist inspires me. He encourages me in all aspects of my life. For me, love and sexuality and eroticism are intertwined and I feel fortunate because of my connection to him and to my art.

PM: How did you  get started making art? Trainiing? MSS:  I can trace my artistic ability in my lineage going back to my grandfather who was a blacksmith in Latvia. I trained to be an art teacher at UARTS and in recent years I have devoted myself full time to my art.

PM How are sex and art related in your work? MSS: I always work from life models. I strive for truth in my art and I portray the sensuality and eroticism that is exuded by the model.

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