About Aphrodite Gallery

The Aphrodite Gallery is located on the third floor of the Sexploratorium (620 South 5th Street) in the heart of the South Street business District. Aphrodite Gallery was created as Philadelphia’s showcase for erotic fine arts in 2003. Stained glass artist Cindi Bartholomew was the first artist showcased and was followed by dozens of other local, national and international artists of acclaim. Originally located in the second floor apartment above Fetishes Boutique (now PASSIONAL Boutique) Aphrodite Gallery featured monthly exhibits and hosted dozens of PASSION 101 workshops until it moved into the new Sexploratorium building down the street where it continues to grow and evolve.

Now located on the third floor of the Sexploratorium

Now located on the third floor of the Sexploratorium

The erotic themes featured in the gallery have been sexually and visually diverse: from the mainstream photographic erotica of Tony Ward (of Penthouse Magazine and beyond) to abstract three dimensional pieces by feminist students.


Please read entirely through to bottom in regards to submitting your work for review for showing at the Aphrodite Gallery!


Artists interested in having their work showcased should contact:

Eric ZONK (Booking Agent) at: aphroditegallery@gmail.com

Be sure to include:

1)  Images of your work or a link to an online portfolio

2)  Artist Bio & Statement regarding your work, the style, genre, inspiration, etc…especially in regards to the series of work in which you are planning to show.

3)  Contact INFO…at least email address and phone number, but full snail mail mailing address would be appreciated.

We will send you information regarding the Aphrodite Gallery, how to prepare your work for showing,  potential show dates and times, a floor plan of the gallery for space concerns and hanging/displaying of your artwork and other important and pertinent information.

Here’s a .PDF file floor plan of the gallery with important dimensions for your consideration:

Aphrodite Gallery Floor Plan

Here is a lil slideshow of shots of the gallery:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

IF you have further questions/concerns, you can always email us at:  aphroditegallery@gmail.com  (Attn:  Eric ZONK (Booking Agent))


5 Responses to “About Aphrodite Gallery”

  1. I am a classical nude model and pose at the sketch club. I have worked for sensual photographers , painters and sculptors and wanted to know if you were in need of any models. I have excellent references. Thanks david

  2. Nice visiting you.
    I was looking to see if there were images of the Gallery itself and or during an Opening. Are there any ?
    thank you

  3. Hello, I recently graduated from The Fashion Institute of Technology with a BFA in photography. I am currently working on an on going project entitled “Prime”. Which is a series of nudes that focuses on the pureness of nature and its extraordinary power over an individual, if one is willing to except it. I feel that people have become hindered by the modern way of life and have some how lost themselves. In this series I wish to present the moment when an individual is liberated from their inhibitions; and is in essence, brought back to the simplest form of being. I would like to send some jpgs but could not find a contact email. Please email me the preferred contact email.
    Thank you!

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