The PHOTO Erotic Show at APHRODITE Gallery

APHRODITE GALLERY presents:  THE PHOTO EROTIC a group photography show of 11 deliciously talented and naughty artists with a knack for capturing all things SEXY, EROTIC and FINE! 

The roster of photographers include:  Gary Deal, David Swift, Amber Kirylak, J. Isobel De Lisle, Robert Neroni, Joe Beaulieu, Christopher Sonzogni, Lisolette Gilcrest, Jimmy Lin, and Andrew Kist.

Meet the artists for an opening reception you won’t want to miss, Friday July 22nd, from 7-9pm in the Aphrodite Gallery and view works of art for sale throughout the entire SEXPLORATORIUM building!

2 Responses to “The PHOTO Erotic Show at APHRODITE Gallery”

  1. Very interesting art.

  2. I luv u

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