Fantasy Living: Furniture, Footwear & More!

APHRODITE Gallery is proud to bring you the extraordinary work, in wood, by artist Hugh Meade of Oklahoma City, OK.  His work speaks volumes of the mastery of his craft and vision.

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Words from the artist:

The center piece of this show is a piece entitled “Swallowtail” and was created for an annual erotic art show in Oklahoma City called “Biting the Apple” in 2009.  It received “Best in Show” award.  “Swallowtail” was designed for the exploration of bondage/domination sexual fantasies.  In a typical application, the “submissive” participant is seated in the chair, while the the “dominant” observes and engages in the chosen fantasy interplay.

The “submissive” may face forward in the traditional way, or the chair may be “straddled” facing the back of the chair.  In either case, the chair is designed to hold the legs of the seated person significantly apart, while the split seat and open structure of the chair allow full access to the genitals.  It is important to note that the chair does not easily allow actual sexual intercourse. And this is not the purpose of most bondage and domination fantasies.  Far more significant is the awareness of the interplay and exchange of “power” between the participants.

The design of the chair insures that the person sitting on it, facing forwards or backwards, must “present” themselves in poses which, while not very comfortable, accentuate the feeling of being displayed.  Comfort, of course, is not the purpose of this piece.  The pedestal base is a permanent part of the chair structure, enhancing the sensation of exhibition. The elaborate construction of the chair features a repeating element of wings, as well as a variety of holes and “handholds” for purposes of bondage play.

Being tied up to someone’s kitchen chair is perhaps an economical and workable choice. Yet it lacks the ritual element and carefully designed options for the most satisfying experience. Consider the comparison between driving the most economical automobile available, and a high end sports car. Each will bring you to your destination, but one of them will make the ride a lot more memorable.

Also included in this exhibit are 3 pairs of high heel shoes (one created especially for this show – “the red queen”, and two existing pieces -“fauna” and “flora”.  Fauna and Flora were exhibited in july 2010 at Bambi Gallery’s second Biennial).  2 “orgone accumulators” (wood and metal “jewelry boxes” designed to hold sex toys, referencing the work of pioneering psychotherapist Wilhelm Reich)  And lastly, several hand made wooden “spankers or impression paddles” in the show each unique in design and intended to leave a particular pattern on the skin of the person being spanked. for instance, hot rod flames, or bubbles.

Join Hugh Meade for an opening reception this Friday, 11.11.11!  IF you need a reason to be out on 11.11.11 THIS IS IT!  The reception starts at 7pm and wraps up before we close up at SEXPLORATORIUM, by 10PM…  Located on the 3rd floor of SEXPLORATORIUM at 620 South 5th Street!  See ya there!

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