The Facade: Paintings by Kati Kill


Aphrodite Gallery is proud to present The Facade…the glitterfically sexy art of Kati Kill!!  The months of March and April will be fabulously bright and brilliant with glitter and intense color! 

This local Diva has been hooping and dancing her sexy self all over the club scene in Philly for over a decade and has been painting just as long.

Kati Kill says of “The Facade”…it’s all about radiant colors and gritty textures.  The light dancing off the human form is how I interpret my backdrop to the world around me. The ‘Facade’ of the human form has always been evident in my work for the past 12 years. It all started with myself looking in the mirror everyday and wanting to change what I see. I started young with make-up and experimenting then it found its way to my hands through my brushes, charcoals, plaster, and other materials. What I wanted was to interpret the things of beauty that I saw on a daily basis into creations that captured moments in time. The mystery of hindering the performance and having no connection with the person in the painting but the remnants of stopped motion. Many of my works are on the more erotic edge because of the way, in which, I perceive the world…  That moment in time is more sensatory then the full blown act.

Please Join Kati Kill and your fantastical host Eric ZONK on Friday, March 23rd, from 7pm – 9pm for a fabulously glamorous and oh-so-sexy reception!  See you there guys and dolls!

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