ART @ PASSIONAL Boutique is proud to present:  SISTERS of ABRAXAS by photographer Christopher Sonzogni

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Here’s what Mr. Sonzogni has to say about his work:

This series of work was inspired by my fascination with the much hidden meaning of ABRAXAS – a mystic word/symbol representing perfect balance in the universe.  A balance that can only exist beyond the false dichotomies of good/evil, right/wrong, pleasure/pain, etc.  The Master&Slave theme of  this series is meant to express the joys of dominance and submission, and how neither one can exist without the other, but when combined, produce natural order.  Aesthetically, these photos are intended to have a rather authoritarian feel to them.  Featuring: heel worship, restraint, discipline and Germanic occult symbolism.  The Sisters of Abraxas are models, Marowit Adalinda Volkh and Marion Elizabeth Smoot.

As a photographer and dealing in eroticism, I seek to capture what I like to term as “the inner witch” in my subjects.  By “witch” I mean seductress or one who has the power to make you look.  My interest in erotic photography began with my love for glamorous looking women.  I have always preferred scantily dressed ladies over mere naked ones.  That is not to say I’m unable to see the beauty in a nude woman.  However, I find there to be a sense of magic in seeing a girl walk into a room wearing a mini skirt and high heels, with scarlet red lips.  If the straps of a garter belt are revealed, all the better I say!

I’m a self-taught free lance photographer residing in West Chester, Pennsylvania.  Although, I much enjoy eroticism, my creative energies are certainly not limited to just that.  I also relish in photographing a lot of still life, nature, animals and just basically whatever happens to grab my attention at a given time.  My work more than often does tend to lean towards the dark and macabre.  I have always had a fixation with… things the majority would prefer not to see, hear or talk about.  It is the most taboo of things in life that deserve my attention most I feel, as I have found there is usually much truth and wisdom in those shadowy corners of reality that frighten most.  My inspirations for themes may range from: the occult, mythology, war, horror films, books I read and more.  My ultimate goal at this point is to build a name for myself as a visual artist and to eventually gain a following of like-minded fans.

JOIN US for the Opening Reception on 4th Friday of June (June 24th) from 7pm – 9pm!  Meet the photographer and maybe even the Divas that are The Sisters of Abraxas!

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