The Photographical Art of SWAV JUSIS

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APHRODITE Gallery is proud to present, “The Photographical Art of Swav Jusis”, just in time for the LIBERTINE “Intergalactic Asylum” Ball weekend. Join us for the Opening Reception, this Saturday, July 21st, from 7-9pm the eve of the Ball at SEXPLORATORIUM (3rd floor), with special guest djs getting everyone in the groove for the Ball and body painting!

Swav Jusis was originally born in Gdansk Poland, where his family fled from communism to live in England and Vienna before finally settling in the United States. Swav concentrated a majority of his early photography which started in 1999 on documenting the clubs and people related to the alternative NYC nightlife scene. This included the underground vampire, gothic, steampunk, industrial and cyber lifestyles. He has had a number of exhibtions including two in NYC (2000 & 2005), has exhibited in Europe and has been carried by galleries in a United Kingdom.

Not only is this an Opening Reception, but Swav is debuting his NEW BOOK:
Gothic, Vampire and Alternative Female Beauty – The Art Photography of Swav Jusis 1998-2012

Gothic, Vampire and Alternative Female Beauty is an Art Photography Book that contains over 200 of the most striking images by renowned Art Photographer and breakthrough artist Swav Jusis, taken during the time period of 1998-2012. This 130 page book contains images of women photographed while he documented the clubs and people related to the alternative scene. This included the Underground Gothic, Vampire, Steampunk, Industrial, Cyber and Fetish lifestyles.

Swav Jusis’s exceptional ability to see the colors of the world in fresh, unexpected ways is epitomized in his “Life Saturated” collection, which is also included in the book. He has pushed the boundary of photography, combining it with color manipulation, to new and exciting limits allowing him to give a visual testimony in strikingly complex imagery. This book transcends his documentary work and explores the deeper side of color and contrast within individuals encountered upon that journey.

“This book contains no commentary about the individual images or stories behind the people. The book is created more to enthrall the viewer with the images, and not tell them what to think about them. The final results are sometimes arresting, exuberant or even mournful, but that should be for the viewer to determine.” Swav Jusis 2012

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