Forbidden Fruit by Lady Laura Aceto

“Lady Laura” Aceto, also known as AuntArtica on is a self-taught artist, coming from several generations of creative women with remarkable natural talent (though not sure Grandma or Mom would approve of her subject choices!).

One of my artistic goals is to create subtly kinky paintings that bdsm folks can display in their homes without having to worry about hiding them from the family. I have fun incorporating fetish/bdsm items into off-beat still life paintings—colorful corsets, high heels, garters & stockings, leather collars, nipple clamps —coupled with more traditional fruits, vegetables and flowers, as with my knife & apple arrangement, and the corset & tomatoes.”

“Since childhood, I have expressed myself with drawings and paintings of my world as I see it, or as I want it to be.  My first foray into erotic art was privately sketching women in bondage at the age of 11 (inspired by Medieval paintings of town square public punishments)!

“My style is representational of subjects both real and fancied.  I find much inspiration from my bdsm lifestyle, of which I have been a part since the mid-90’s.  I observe fellow kinksters, store away mental images of scenes, and recreate them on  canvas at home.  I adore the female figure in all its glorious variations, and enjoy the theme of female supremacy. ”

“My papercollage works are primarily of anime Dommes, strong and somewhat threatening.  I also work with paper mache and found objects to create composite 3-D wall hangings, again female in nature.  My one-of-a-kind wooden paddles are hand-cut, shaped and painted, each one a piece of “functional art” for play and/or display.”

“I have a gift for creating pictures as they are described to me in words, serving as a sort of “visual interpreter” for artistically-challenged people who have vivid imaginations.  As such, I have done a number of commissioned portraits of people and the things they love (be they other people, pets, homes, professions, interests or fantasies), rendered with pencil, pen & ink and/or acrylic paint.  Some of my illustrations have been published in the TES magazine, “Prometheus”, and I have been a sketch artist at private bdsm events, doing pencil portraits of party-goers in their favorite fetish garb.”

3 Responses to “Forbidden Fruit by Lady Laura Aceto”

  1. Lady Laura Says:

    Hey Kali, thanks for getting this posted. Much appreciated — can’t wait til March 26th!

  2. via Twitter: The punch should be Passionfruit. 🙂

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