Meta-cosmic Sex Death: Paintings byRen Clark

Ren Clark has a visual arts background in photography, graffiti, graphic design, animation and sculpture. He resonates with Alter Modernism, Surrealism,and Ultraculture.

Just one of the surrealistic, sexy delights in this month's collection of works by Ren Clark

He is also an international tantric journeyman born in Leicester in the East Midlands of a congested little island called England (but now proudly calling Philadelphia home), makes trans-media art that maps the gnarly junction and disjunctive spectrum of being and becoming.

Experience informing the textures that flesh the weird geometries of his rhythmic life.  Rupture.  Rapture.  Penetration.  Ejaculation.  Every object a frozen mutagen orgasm, private arts indecently exposed.  Future pixels in a perverse process of depiction, abstraction, extraction, and perception.  Equal parts alchemy, history, and science fiction; porn posing as post-apocalyptic corporate art.  Smuggling infectious libidinal semiotics in prismatic refraction through atomized desire.  Contents, context, and concepts: accelerated, exploded, magnified, layered, and blended in trans-cultural alter-modern pre-Singularity mash-up delirium.  Soft pink invitations to ultraviolet birth trauma initiation.  Manufactured memories, temporal flux, pre-existing elements, an ecstasy of influence in exodus, all altered by the uncontrolled intensities of the META COSMIC SEX DEATH.

Enjoy snacks and drinks with the artist during our reception, 7-9PM Friday April 23

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