September 2005 – Gregory R. Killam

Gregory R. Killam
Artist’s Reception- Friday September 9th, 7-9pm

“Slap Happy: The Pleasure/Pain Dichotomy as Object and Concept”

An exhibit of handmade wood implements combined with prose

An exhibit of handmade wood implements combined with prose

An exhibit of handcrafted wood implements and the art of the written word.

As an outsider artist, Greg Killam feels that the strongest influence in art and science is an open exchange of ideas; that discussing concepts old and new with a wide array of individuals is the best way to be productive. He maintains that this is vital now that fundamentalism is being used as a tool to shape social attitudes. “As far as my life, I’ve been fairly windblown in my circumstances. Things can change so drastically that it’s important to take it all as an influence.”

Greg’s art focuses primarily on abstract painting, woodcraft, and written word. Yet there is an odd gap between his functional works and his works that are more abstract and esoteric. “That’s because of a dichotomy within ourselves. What we think and what we achieve are not opposites. Our philosophies are just as important as our behaviors.”

He holds a degree in psychology and an M.ed. as well as several professional certifications. Artistically, he is self-taught, however he has had some formal study. Currently, he is working on three books which he is hoping to publish soon, and, of course, more paddles.

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