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APHRODITE Gallery is proud to present:  VICARIOUS DESIRE by stellar up and coming photographer J. ISOBEL DE LISLE for the months of January and February 2011

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More about IZZY:

A graduate of Antonelli Institute of Art and Photography, J. Isobel De Lisle has been creating a unique perception of beauty for nearly half a decade. The beauty she creates is one that is strikingly unique to her own sensibility. Ms. De Lisle’s models are transformed into a different kind of beautiful; it is a beauty that speaks to Ms. De Lisle’s sense of space, color, light, and frame. A photographer who can illicit emotion through the visual worlds he creates is one who can redefine the norm of beauty again and again. J. Isobel De Lisle is that photographer.

show statement:


Behind the glass of the mirror, silver; it is a pure and lustrous thing that gives permission to the onlooker to see himself. J. Isobel De Lisle sees the beauty within the space between the silver and the glass, examines herself. The flesh and texture of those captured by Ms. De Lisle’s lens are together that silver beauty, a reflection of her own self as her mind’s eye views her. The sorrow of eyes, the sensuality of lips, the wanting on the visage of each beautiful armature is Ms. De Lisle’s own vicarious desire through her distinctive and emotive iris. The silver behind the mirror, the delicate looking glass, is as beautiful as what it reflects. The silver’s beauty reflecting the art and self of J. Isobel De Lisle.

Be sure to join us for a fabulously titty-lating opening reception on 4th Friday of January, Friday, January 28rd, from 7pm – 9pm with your fabulous curatorial diva hostess Veronica Bound who will be serving up tidbits to munch on and drinks!

The Seduction of Faerie @ APHRODITE!

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20% OFF ALL EROTIC and KINKY ART (includes Hataiiia’s gorgeous female nude prints, Bridget Baran’s Sexy Kitschy Collages and ALL things FAERIE by Helena Domenic, Bev Gelfand and Katie Lennon) at the Aphrodite Gallery til XMAS EVE (12/24…til 6PM).  Stop in, support local artists, share the SEXY and SAVE some cash!!!

APHRODITE Gallery is proud to present Helena Domenic and The Seduction of Faerie with Special Guest Artists:  Bev Gelfand and Katie Lennon!!  3 Fabulous Artists working in the realm of Fae…

You don’t wanna miss this show of paintings, hand sculpted and hand painted 1:12 scale dollhouse size miniature sculptures, 12″ fully-pose-able one-of-a-kind art dolls, faerie wings and much much more!


Helena Domenic was born in Vicenza, Italy where she developed a love of art at a very early age, touring the Sistine Chapel at the age of eighteen months.  Helena received her BFA in Fine Art from Kutztown University and her MA in Art Education from The University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  She currently teaches Art History, African Art, Drawing, and Painting at Cheyney University of Pennsylvania.  Helena completed her MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts at Goddard College in Plainfield, Vermont.  Helena’s work at Goddard was focused upon the nexuses between visual and performing arts, ritual and theater, and serving one’s community through the arts, as well as a concentration in African Studies.  Helena’s artwork has appeared in publications such as Faerie magazine, Green Egg, Sage Woman, and other publications.  In addition to teaching at Cheyney, Helena has taught at The University of the Arts, and a variety of conferences and festivals around the country. Helena has organized art exhibits for the Cheyney University campus and her work has appeared in art galleries around the world.  Helena currently lives in Exton with her husband Sean and three cats: Bella, Piper, and Cassandra.


Art should make its own statement.  That said, I can’t claim that the majority of my work has anything to say or exists for any other purpose than to make someone smile, or maybe get a bit overheated.  But why pin-ups?  I’ve always loved pin-ups.  Classic works (Gil Elvgren’s, especially) always bring me to a place where things are simpler, where the world isn’t as dark and scary, and a time when a pin-up wasn’t (really) intended to be anything other than a cutie in a silly situation with a little too much skin exposed.  If I really had to assign a purpose to my work I’d have to say that for the most part, I just want to bring a little bit of that time and place back through my pin-ups (guys or gals).  Everyone needs a little bit of happy in this world.  Or fun. Or cute. Flirty. Sassy. Sexy. Naughty….


Katie Lennon is an eclectic artist with a unique gift for illuminating both the visible world of nature and the invisible plane of the Otherworld.  After studying dance at Marymount Manhattan College, Katie graduated magna cum laude from Regis College in Weston, Massachusetts with a BA in Fine Art.  In recent years her art has focused on themes prevalent in Celtic mythology. Through her visual and performance art pieces she transports the viewer to realms beyond our normal perception.  Her distinctive visual art takes many forms.  She is an accomplished painter who has been selling her work to collectors around the world.  Her striking color palette gravitates towards the aesthetics of nighttime, and the somber hues of twilight.  As a sculptor she uses contemporary experimental techniques to animate creatures of delicate grace.  Through the ancient art of block printing she creates art that has been called “Graphically tight, original and fresh yet vintage at the same time.”

Currently Katie is working as an apprentice for two internationally recognized artists.  The first apprenticeship is with award winning artist Iain McCaig.  Iain is one of the motion picture industry’s leading conceptual designers. His exceptional command of human anatomy, character, emotional expression and visual narrative make him on of the most sought after artists working in the entertainment industry today.  He has worked for Lucasfilm as one of the principal designers on Star Wars Episode One – The Phantom Menace, Star Wars Episode Two – Attack of the Clones, and: Star Wars Episode Three – Revenge of the Sith.  The other apprenticeship is with Eric Bornstein; one of the United States’ leading mask makers.  He studied mask making with Agung Suardana in Bali, and Donato Sartori in Italy, and has developed his own unique approach to mask-making and mask performance. He holds a MFA from Harvard University, and is the founder of Behind The Mask Theatre.

Join us for this magical, mystical and Oh!…so SEXY! OPENING RECEPTION on 4th Friday of November (November 26th) from 7 – 9pm…  I see faerie dust in the mix here!  Hosted by our fabulous curatorial diva and goddess Veronica Bound, who’ll be serving up sweet treats and beverage and answering your silly questions.

THIS FRIDAY: Arts Reception at PASSIONAL Boutique

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The art of fantasy fashion is alive and well with the launch of our NEW bi-monthly
fashional arts installations at PASSIONAL Boutique
alternating with the bimonthly exhibits at Aphrodite Gallery just down the street.

Enjoy the photographic works Jerry Bennett and Jeff Cohn every day through September 30, or better yet, meet the artists and enjoy complimentary refreshments during a FREE reception at PASSIONAL Boutique Friday August 27 from 7-9PM.

During this reception, save 10% off art or any of the fashion styles featured in the photos.

Corsets, Fashion, Passion.
704 S. 5th St. Philadelphia 215-829-4986

MUSCLE: Photographs by Angel Colon and Illustrations by Rob Harmon

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July-August 2010

Friday July 23, 7-9PM
Artist’s Reception for Muscle with
Angel Colon  and Rob Harmon
Enjoy the company and the works of artists Angel Colon (Photography) and Rob Harmon (Images in Ink) during an intimate party hosted by Diva Veronica Bound who will be serving complimentary libations and snacks from 7-9PM and assisting with discounted art sales (10% off). Sorry, no cash and carry during this reception, art purchases must be picked up or delivered at the end of the show.
Artwork will be on display and for sale during the entire months of July and August, so even if you can’t make it to the reception, stop by and check out this sexy, muscular, masculine collection of photos and ink drawings.

July 2010 brings to you fetish fanatics and bears, and boyz and girlz of all persuasions the bold and dynamic works of Angel Colon (Photography) and Rob Harmon (Images in Ink)!

A bit more about these guys:

ANGEL COLON (A Self-Portrait)

Angel Colon started his artistic journey as a tattooist and tattoo designer and continues to do both.  Attending Pratt later in his life he expanded his artistic horizons by taking up graphic design, illustration and digital photography.  He currently has two self published books available via
and is currently working on two new series of photographs which will most likely make it to print later in this year or so.  He lives in Brooklyn, NY with his partner of 12 years and their 2 Siamese cats. Of his photography and this series of work he says: This series of photos is very traditional nude portraiture.  Most of my subjects are hairier and beefier than most erotic male portraiture.  While my first forays into this consisted mostly of bearish and more heavily tattooed men, I have recently expanded my scope to include thinner and more alternative looking men with the age range skewing slightly younger.  As a general rule I tend to favor very dramatic lighting and saturated colors in my backgrounds and in any props my models may be using.  The body as landscape is the most obvious motif in my current work while some photos straddle the line between subtle (or so I flatter myself in thinking) almost sublime imagery and blatantly sexual come-on.
Rob is located in Charlotte, NC and has been drawing for over 21 years.  ‘Bound In Ink’ is a collection of work that captures the stories of experiences, life, love, and loss.  100% Beef Magazine described Rob’s ‘Bound In Ink’ artwork as being “Reminiscent at first glance, of one of those fantastic Frank Miller graphic novels.  ‘Bound In Ink’ art is filled with dreamlike scenarios featuring naked, hairy masculine hunks, doing all sorts of beautifully twisted things, involving pain, pleasure, and the pursuit of happiness.”  Some viewers have described ‘Bound In Ink’ as “Delightfully twisted and deviant.”  While other have said ‘Bound In Ink’ is “Sharp, sexy, and visceral”.  Rob’s drawings allow us to peer into the artist’s secret desires and invites us to examine our own.  Robs work has been featured all along the east coast.  He has has a piece of his work archived at the Leather Archives Museum in Chicago.  This year ‘Bound In Ink’ is going to be featured in an anthology book entitled Hair:  Hairy Men In Gay Art published by Bruno Gmunder.
Meet these two great artists at the MEAT & GREET on Friday, July 23rd from 7pm – 9pm!!!

Forbidden Fruit by Lady Laura Aceto

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“Lady Laura” Aceto, also known as AuntArtica on is a self-taught artist, coming from several generations of creative women with remarkable natural talent (though not sure Grandma or Mom would approve of her subject choices!).

One of my artistic goals is to create subtly kinky paintings that bdsm folks can display in their homes without having to worry about hiding them from the family. I have fun incorporating fetish/bdsm items into off-beat still life paintings—colorful corsets, high heels, garters & stockings, leather collars, nipple clamps —coupled with more traditional fruits, vegetables and flowers, as with my knife & apple arrangement, and the corset & tomatoes.”

“Since childhood, I have expressed myself with drawings and paintings of my world as I see it, or as I want it to be.  My first foray into erotic art was privately sketching women in bondage at the age of 11 (inspired by Medieval paintings of town square public punishments)!

“My style is representational of subjects both real and fancied.  I find much inspiration from my bdsm lifestyle, of which I have been a part since the mid-90’s.  I observe fellow kinksters, store away mental images of scenes, and recreate them on  canvas at home.  I adore the female figure in all its glorious variations, and enjoy the theme of female supremacy. ”

“My papercollage works are primarily of anime Dommes, strong and somewhat threatening.  I also work with paper mache and found objects to create composite 3-D wall hangings, again female in nature.  My one-of-a-kind wooden paddles are hand-cut, shaped and painted, each one a piece of “functional art” for play and/or display.”

“I have a gift for creating pictures as they are described to me in words, serving as a sort of “visual interpreter” for artistically-challenged people who have vivid imaginations.  As such, I have done a number of commissioned portraits of people and the things they love (be they other people, pets, homes, professions, interests or fantasies), rendered with pencil, pen & ink and/or acrylic paint.  Some of my illustrations have been published in the TES magazine, “Prometheus”, and I have been a sketch artist at private bdsm events, doing pencil portraits of party-goers in their favorite fetish garb.”

“I Was In An Art Show” -Sneak Peek!

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The closing for “I Was In An Art Show” is coming up on Oct, 23! Featuring artists Nicholas Poyner, Kyle McCullough, and Claire Horvath. At the reception we will be screening Scum Suckers 4 and copies will be available for purchase! Don’t miss it!

Here are some links to check out!!

Nick Poyner and Friends

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“I was in An Art Show” is currently up at Aphrodite Gallery! It’s a little bit Halloween, a little bit Erotic and a whole lot interesting. This mixed media show has it all.There are Photos, sculptures, paintings, drawings and films. At the closing reception, October’s fourth Friday, we will be previewing Nick Poyners much anticipated Scum Suckers 4!

The Interactive Erotic Art Making event was a success!!

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Thank you so much for participating in the art making event! The gallery looked great! For all of you who couldn’t make it, you missed out but there will hopefully be some more interactive events coming up soon. Here are some photos of the wonderful art that was made .

Hello world!

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