MUSCLE: Photographs by Angel Colon and Illustrations by Rob Harmon

July-August 2010

Friday July 23, 7-9PM
Artist’s Reception for Muscle with
Angel Colon  and Rob Harmon
Enjoy the company and the works of artists Angel Colon (Photography) and Rob Harmon (Images in Ink) during an intimate party hosted by Diva Veronica Bound who will be serving complimentary libations and snacks from 7-9PM and assisting with discounted art sales (10% off). Sorry, no cash and carry during this reception, art purchases must be picked up or delivered at the end of the show.
Artwork will be on display and for sale during the entire months of July and August, so even if you can’t make it to the reception, stop by and check out this sexy, muscular, masculine collection of photos and ink drawings.

July 2010 brings to you fetish fanatics and bears, and boyz and girlz of all persuasions the bold and dynamic works of Angel Colon (Photography) and Rob Harmon (Images in Ink)!

A bit more about these guys:

ANGEL COLON (A Self-Portrait)

Angel Colon started his artistic journey as a tattooist and tattoo designer and continues to do both.  Attending Pratt later in his life he expanded his artistic horizons by taking up graphic design, illustration and digital photography.  He currently has two self published books available via
and is currently working on two new series of photographs which will most likely make it to print later in this year or so.  He lives in Brooklyn, NY with his partner of 12 years and their 2 Siamese cats. Of his photography and this series of work he says: This series of photos is very traditional nude portraiture.  Most of my subjects are hairier and beefier than most erotic male portraiture.  While my first forays into this consisted mostly of bearish and more heavily tattooed men, I have recently expanded my scope to include thinner and more alternative looking men with the age range skewing slightly younger.  As a general rule I tend to favor very dramatic lighting and saturated colors in my backgrounds and in any props my models may be using.  The body as landscape is the most obvious motif in my current work while some photos straddle the line between subtle (or so I flatter myself in thinking) almost sublime imagery and blatantly sexual come-on.
Rob is located in Charlotte, NC and has been drawing for over 21 years.  ‘Bound In Ink’ is a collection of work that captures the stories of experiences, life, love, and loss.  100% Beef Magazine described Rob’s ‘Bound In Ink’ artwork as being “Reminiscent at first glance, of one of those fantastic Frank Miller graphic novels.  ‘Bound In Ink’ art is filled with dreamlike scenarios featuring naked, hairy masculine hunks, doing all sorts of beautifully twisted things, involving pain, pleasure, and the pursuit of happiness.”  Some viewers have described ‘Bound In Ink’ as “Delightfully twisted and deviant.”  While other have said ‘Bound In Ink’ is “Sharp, sexy, and visceral”.  Rob’s drawings allow us to peer into the artist’s secret desires and invites us to examine our own.  Robs work has been featured all along the east coast.  He has has a piece of his work archived at the Leather Archives Museum in Chicago.  This year ‘Bound In Ink’ is going to be featured in an anthology book entitled Hair:  Hairy Men In Gay Art published by Bruno Gmunder.
Meet these two great artists at the MEAT & GREET on Friday, July 23rd from 7pm – 9pm!!!

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