Back to School Erotic Art Making Event!

Aphrodite Gallery presents a back to school erotic art making event!

Ever get in trouble for drawing “inappropriate” phalluses in school or 
breasts on your desk, or the bathroom stall? Were the illustrations in 
your Sex Ed. book not cutting it for you? Well now’s the chance to let 
that all out with a vengeance!

Aphrodite Gallery presents a back to school interactive erotic art 
making event. Opening night, Sat. Sept 5th , there will be painting 
with bodies, collage making with dirty pictures, lots of crayons, 
markers, mixed media, plus whatever you want to bring. Refreshments will 
be served.

After the opening, Aphrodite will have art supplies in the gallery all 
September for anyone who wants to do a little diddle…and contribute to 
the masterpiece on the wall.

Closing night (September’s 4th Friday 7-9) anyone who wants will be 
able to take a piece of the completed work home with them for a small fee.

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