October 2006 – La Femenina by M. Reyes

M. Reyes
Artist’s Reception- Friday October13th

Graphic Illustrations by M. Reyes

Graphic Illustrations by M. Reyes


Regular Gallery hours: every Sunday,

2pm-6pm or by appointment

“La Femenina ”

Beautifully Wicked Women

With a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design from The American Academy of Art in Chicago, MReyes was ready for a career in freelance design & illustration after 3 years in the field.

Then in 1998, she co-created and became Creative Director of Feitiço Gallery, the midwest’s first commercial exclusively fetish erotica venue. Local reviews in the Chicago Tribune, MetroMix, and Skin Two Magazine(UK) led to Feitiço gaining features on Wild Chicago, Sin Cities(UK), CLTV, and MTV’s “Real World” . Feitiço also helped pioneer a provocative yearly event, “Marche de Sade”, held New Years Eve. The gallery closed its doors in 2002.

Her private involvement in the underground scene coupled with her passion for the visual arts generated her interest in live productions. She performs off-broadway in collaboration with Arena Producions in NYC at several The Black and Blue Ball’s, a major subculture event. She’s also performed in Philadelphia at Diabolique and the Libertine Ball , SMack! NYC, as well as EXIT Chicago, St. Valentine’s Day Massacre(Lab), and various fetish events at Double Door Chicago. Additionally, M.Reyes’ image can be found in “Generation Fetish”(Lee Higgs), “The Beauty of Fetish II”(Steve Diet Goedde), with earlier features in Skin Two Magazine, Fetish Magazine, Cupido(Denmark), On Our Backs, and most recently, Gothic Beauty Magazine#14.

She’s exhibited her graphic illustrations at Feitiço Gallery(Chicago), Mars Gallery(Chicago), China Club – NYC(Arena Productions), group exhibits at Arena Studios(NYC), “Soul of A Woman”-an all Woman art exhibit at the South Shore Cultural Art Center(Chicago-2005), “SUPERGIRL” at The Chambers Studios(Philadelphia-2006) and currently; APHRODITE GALLERY(Philadelphia- 2006).

M.Reyes continues her career in the arts and lives in Chicago.


MReyes Online Portfolio


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