November 2007 – Mixed media by “Lee”

NEW Aphrodite Gallery at the PASSIONAL SEXPLORATORIUM, 620 S. 5th St. in Philadelphia.

Mixed media and three dimensional erotic works by Lee

Mixed media and three dimensional erotic works by Lee

This artist goes by just “Lee”.  She is a native of Philadelphia and mostly known for her sculpture pieces.  Lee has developed a new medium to exhibit for this show.  It is a combination of cement and polymer allowing the artist to take relief sculpture to new heights.  Proficient in almost all mediums, this show has a little of everything.  Mediums used range from charcoal sketches, pastels, plaster, cement on wood, and cement on glass.  The artist tries to capture feeling and motion as well as the beauty of the human body.  Lee has been a part of the “Art loop” in Wilmington Delaware and has shown in local Philadelphia Galleries.  The artist has received awards for Best of Show and Three Dimensional Designs.  Passionate is the best way to describe this artist.  She creates because it is a part of her being and existence.

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