February 2006 – Big Nudes by Mina Smith Segal

Mina Smith Segal

Watercolors by Mina Smith Segal

Watercolors by Mina Smith Segal

Artist’s Reception Friday February 10th, 7pm-9pm

“The Big Nudes”

Why is the nude important? To paint the nude enables me, the artist, to show the subtle nuances in form and color in a subject because of its greater complexity is superior to any other. My goal is to challenge myself to make my paintings close to life size and to make them genuine and essential to the subject. By using the most basic of materials – a brush, pure color and water – I feel I can study art in what I believe is a way that will most help me progress in my abilities as an artist.

Mina has been teaching fine art to students at high schools and colleges in the Philadelphia area since the mid 1960’s. She is a Founding member and Membership Chairperson of Philadelphia Plein Air Artists and currently a member of: Art Gallery of the Plastic Club, The Philadelphia Sketch Club, Samuel Fleisher Art Memorial and the Photographic Society of Philadelphia.

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