June 2008 – Fairy Fetish by Monine Brocco

Fairy Fetish - a collection of sculptures by Monin Brocco

Fairy Fetish - a collection of sculptures by Monin Brocco

NEW Aphrodite Gallery at the PASSIONAL SEXPLORATORIUM, 620 S. 5th St. in Philadelphia.

Monine Brocco

Born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Monine Brocco always had an interest in the arts. She received her first sewing machine at the age of thirteen, which she used to make dolls, puppets, and clothes. She went on to high school at the Philadelphia High School for the Creative and performing arts (CAPA) where she studied painting, drawing, and sculpture while taking weekend life drawing classes at Moore College and The Academy of Fine Arts . She studied psychology for a year at Philadelphia College of Textile and Science, then worked as a muralist and a Tromp I’Oeil artist restoring vintage furniture for Posh Pomegranate Antiques and making housewares from vintage fabrics. She made props and repaired costumes at Mum Puppet Theater, and currently makes costumes, clothes, handbags, and fairies which she sells at boutiques in the Italian Market and South Street neighborhoods.

2 Responses to “June 2008 – Fairy Fetish by Monine Brocco”

  1. stunning.. Arresting imagery, erotic and evocative. very nice. the image calls for a story….

  2. Wow, is the art in this creation is astonishing, I wish I had seen it before so I could it have congratulated the artist in person

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