April 2007 – Erotic Mandala by Virago

Artist’s Reception- Friday April

Erotic three dimensional glass works and borosilicate sex toys

Erotic three dimensional glass works and borosilicate sex toys

Refreshments – Meet the Artist – Buy Original Art or Prints


Regular Gallery hours: every Sunday,

2pm-6pm or by appointment

“Erotic Glass Mandala”

Virago makes glass art in many shapes and sizes from sculpture to jewelry to pipes to beautifully crafted, unique hand-tooled and fully functional borosilicate sex toys.

She has made many recent appearances at Pride Celebrations and Womyn’s festivals will showcase erotic works of form and of function from April 1 thru April 30 at the Aphrodite Gallery where you can find truly one-of-a-kind three dimensional pieces of art and/or tool.

On the right ,a photo of her sculpture Artemis and Cosmogemy and a statement about the piece, just one of many spectacular glass objects that are part of this exhibit.

Artist Statement:

1. Title: “Artemis and cosmogony” ( I’m no heroine)
Medium: Glass
I created this piece to tell a combination of stories. The overall shape of the piece is an arrow, this references the hunter Artemis who was a Greek goddess associated with wildlife and human birth. A rib cage references the Christian cosmogony of Eve and Lillith. The spine is a reference to my own creation story. I was born with a very minor birth defect that has influenced my approach to my body. In this respect the piece is part self portrait. The tail of the piece is four X chromosomes, referencing my biology, the constant creation of self, and the components that make up the strong women I consider my heroes.

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