November 2004- Hadria LoMaouro

An enchanted exhibit featuring originals and affordable prints

An enchanted exhibit featuring originals and affordable prints

Hadria LoMauro
Artist’s Reception- Friday November 12th, 7-9pm

“Enchanted Enslavement”
-A vibrant and whimsical collection of watercolor and oil paintings of fairies and other mythical creatures captured in erotic bondage.

As far as I can remember, my hands created works of fantasy. Fairies, mermaids, and mythical creatures constantly covered the pages of my sketchbooks. My love of drawing soon turned to painting, and these creatures of fantasy remained the primary subjects of my work.

When painting, I try to create an escape from the mundane and everyday. I enjoy this genre of painting because of the enormous amount of freedom it gives me. When painting fairies and fantasy creatures I am constantly testing the limits of my imagination. Although my subjects tend to be fantasy, natural elements such as plants, insects, animals, and water inspire me and are often found in my work.

My “Bound” series of artwork came about as a natural combination of two elements that always interested me; fantasy creatures (mainly fairies) and bondage. It is enormous fun for me to place a pretty fairy into the hands of some mysterious sadist, to tie her up with tiny ropes and put her on display for all to see!

I graduated from York College of Pennsylvania in May 2000 with a B.A. in Fine Art and a minor in art history. My ultimate goal is to one day support myself solely on my artwork.

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