May 2004- David Lawrence

David Lawrence has been a master of expressive portrait and headshot photography for more than 20 years. During that time styles and fads have come and gone while his methods have remained true and effective. The tenets his work is based on are not a matter of style but a matter of substance.

One of eleven beautiful photographic works showcased this month

One of eleven beautiful photographic works showcased this month

He became interested in Shibari, the Art of Japanese Rope Bondage, in early 2003. He approached Shibari with an artists eye as he recognized the inherent beauty of rope on skin. Shibari quickly became a passion, a passion that developed more intensely as he worked with and experienced the magic of rope. He made it a point to tie as often as possible. His talent and skill truly emerged as he delved deeper into the art of tying rope. His ties have become meticulous and intricate, but even his basic ties are quite beautiful to look at. They are all true works of art.

The blending of two passions, Shibari and Photography, is a gift that David Lawrence shares. He captures the fine art of Shibari in striking images that communicate sensuality, eroticism, and the force of raw emotion. The sensual but restrictive nature of Shibari is a true blend of visual and poignant imagery. The photographs that he produces with his rope and cameras are beautiful expressions of his creative talent and love for both art forms.

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