February 2004 – Solosexual by Albo Jeavons

Impressionist digital photos of Faeries and photo-realist drawings of gay sex join digitally manipulated images from Jeavons’ videos in this erotic solo exhibition.

The shallow end of this exhibit to whet your appetite

The shallow end of this exhibit to whet your appetite

“My work is usually political in its subject matter” says Jeavons, “but most of the erotic work is more subtextually political in it’s open and explicitly homoerotic celebration of the pleasures of the human body. I want to reclaim the penis from the patriarchy, and the naked male body from Calvin Klein and Abercrombie And Fitch”.
The “What do neckties really mean?” series; a humorous investigation of the necktie as phallic symbol, will be included in the exhibition.
Jeavons has worked as an illustrator for gay sex magazines, and as a producer of safe-sex videos for 15 years.

His installation for the recent Illegal Art Exhibition has garnered international press attention. He and his subversive t-shirt designs were recently profiled in a Philadelphia City Paper article, and he is scheduled to discuss his work on 48 Update on television Channel 48 in February.

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